Overnight Apple Granola Parfait

Make-ahead breakfast that will keep you 'on the go' all morning!

Why you will love it.

  1. It's portable, make and pack it the night before and enjoy it at work or school.
  2. Packed full of fibre, nutrients, and protein to keep you full and satisfied all day.
  3. There is no cooking involved.
  4. Topping it is the fun part - dollop yogurt, fresh fruit, and crunchy nut butter if desired.



  1. Mix the juice and milk together and fold into the Yarrawonga Granola and add grated apple. Cover and chill overnight
  2. Fold yoghurt into the soaked granola and serve in your bowl, recycled glass jar (looks very creative) or container.
  3. Add another dollop of yoghurt, honey and your toppings... enjoy!
  4. PS.... Warm it up - Great idea on a chilly morning! Heat in the microwave or stovetop. You may need to add a little extra liquid to the mixture as it may thicken up more while you heat it up.

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