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About Ava Marija

Worry free, effective skincare to make you feel confident and amazing both inside & out. Ava Marija's range is created on her family farm in Yarrawonga, without the use of nasty chemicals. It's just all the good stuff!

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A skin-first approach

why buy from us?

Australian Made - Plant Derived skincare made on farm by our team

Transparency - Its not just about what is in our products, but where they came from!

Effective - Simple, fun, down-to-earth skincare that works!

Skin First - Skin first, everything else second. Healthy Skin, Healthy Mind!



Ava Marija

Not your average skincare brand. We are passionate about transparency, quality and products that make you feel confident in your own skin!

Why Buy from us


A range of natural, plant derived skincare essentials created to give your skin that youthful glow. 

Our Values

Uncompromising approach to transparency, sustainability and quality.

A skin-First Approach

Simple, effective skincare that works!
Healthy Skin, Healthy Mind!