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Without a doubt my passion and love of paddock to plate food has evolved from growing up on the family farm where Mum and Dad taught us how to lovingly grow, harvest and prepare nutritious, wholesome feasts.
Now as a mother and wife, fresh home-grown food is still the centre of our home and family. Our busy little farm gate business excites my passion for being creative everyday! I’m surrounded and supported by an amazing team and am living the dream with my ever supportive husband Daimien and our beautiful children Hannah, Jack, Ava and Max.
-Ros Vodusek xx

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Our Olive Leaf Tea's

Do you struggle to sleep?, Suffer from hot flushes or need an immune booster- Our Olive Leaf Tea's are for you!!!
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What's what in the olive grove?

We have a lot of questions come our way at this time of the year when the olive trees are flowering and why some aren’t?? So here is a bit...
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Healthy peanut butter made from just 2 ingredients!

We all love super crunchy peanut butter in our household and funnily enough I read the ingredients the other day and thought OMG... really... why do they put that rubbish...
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5 Surprising Ways to Use Extra virgin!

Hi Everyone... Ok, now I am trying to get into this "blogging" so I would love if you can help me out with questions or any hints, good or bad......
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Preparing for EVOO Awards!

Hi Everyone, A stunning morning here at the farm, spring is just around the corner, as I watch the fog lifting above the olive trees. It’s the last day for...
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Harvest 2017

It's harvest time at Rich Glen Olive Oil. The tree shakers have arrived and our liquid gold is being cold-pressed as we speak.  As an olive oil connoisseur you'll know...
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