Spring Citrus berry + watermelon salad

The taste of spring! Refreshing flavours of vibrant Native Citrus Berry and fresh watermelon. This delightful combination of zesty citrus, succulent berries, and juicy watermelon is the perfect spring treat. The secret ingredient, our Native Citrus zest olive oil.

Recipe developed by Ros Vodusek & Mel, Thrive Wholesome Nutrition.


  • ¼ Watermelon, cut into medium-large chunks
  • 2 Punnets Strawberries, cut in halves or quarters
  • 1 Punnet Fresh Raspberries
  • 2-3 Tbsp Rich Glen Native Citrus Agrumato Olive Oil
  • Zest of a Lime
  • Small sprig of Mint to garnish


  1. Add all the fruit to a large serving bowl and drizzle with a generous amount of Rich Glen Native Citrus Agrumato Olive Oil
  2. Add the zest of a Lime, some fresh mint to garnish and serve immediately.

*This dish is great served with some fresh vanilla ice cream or Greek yoghurt, with an extra drizzle of RG Native Citrus Agrumato Olive Oil, yum!

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