Exploring the World of Agrumato Olive Oil

We are thrilled to dive deeper into the ancient process of combining olives with exceptional ingredients during the crushing phase to create a unique oil we called Agrumato.

In this blog, we explore the essence of Agrumato olive oil, delve into the traditional Agrumato method, and uncover the intricacies of infusion.

The Essence of Agrumato Olive Oil

Agrumato olive oil is a harmonious blend of premium olives and natural ingredients. This unique process captures the vibrant flavours of fruits, herbs, or spices, infusing them into the olive oil during the milling process. The result is an exquisite blend that elevates any culinary creation, tantalising the taste buds with its layers of complexity and delightful aromas.

The Agrumato Method: Co-milling Perfection 

At the heart of Agrumato olive oil lies the traditional Agrumato method, originating from Italy. This technique involves co-milling the olives and the flavour source together, ensuring optimal integration of flavours.

The fruits or other flavour sources are typically gathered at the same time as the olives. They are then milled together in the same batch. The olives and the additional ingredients, such as citrus fruits or herbs, are simultaneously crushed and blended, allowing their flavours to infuse and meld during the milling process.

This co-milling technique ensures that the flavours from the fruits or herbs are thoroughly integrated with the olives, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavours within the olive oil. By combining the olives and flavour sources during the milling stage, the Agrumato method captures the essence and aromatic properties of the additional ingredients, creating a truly unique and flavourful olive oil.

The co-milling approach enables a more profound integration of flavours compared to other methods like simple infusion, as the ingredients undergo the milling process together from the start.

Which Method Do Rich Glen Use?

At Rich Glen, we have both traditional Agrumato olive oil, and an innovative range of infused extra virgin olive oils. The Agrumato process uses a meticulous technique involving the co-milling of premium olives and carefully selected citrus and chilli. While the Agrumato method may be more expensive and labour-intensive than simple infusion, it is undeniably the superior choice when it comes to achieving unparalleled flavour integration. The result is a collection of Agrumato olive oils that boasts remarkable complexity, richness, and an unforgettable taste experience.

Unlocking the Culinary Potential

Agrumato olive oils have emerged as the secret weapon of renowned chefs and culinary enthusiasts worldwide. Their intense flavours and aromatic profiles transform simple dishes into extraordinary culinary masterpieces. A drizzle of lemon-lime Agrumato adds a citrusy zing to grilled seafood, while a hint of Fiery Chilli Agrumato elevates a Caprese salad to new heights. The versatility of Agrumato olive oils makes them an essential ingredient in your pantry.

Experience the remarkable benefits and culinary potential of Agrumato olive oils, including our Lemon Lime Agrumato, Fiery Chilli Agrumato, and Native Citrus. 

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