WS Agrumato Fiery Chilli Olive Oil 500ML

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Barcode 9331250001242

Multi award-winning, this rich and robust olive oil is made from pressing fresh hot chillies with our finest olives resulting in a stunning traditional Agrumato style olive oil bursting with full on chilli flavour.

Drizzle over hot pasta and pizza, stir fry seafood and healthy vegetables or simply dip with fresh crust bread and succulent tomato and torn basil leaves.

Ingredients: First cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and fresh Australian green and red chillies.



  • 2015 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards - Champion Flavoured Oil
  • 2014 Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards
  • 2013 Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards
  • 2012 Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards
  • 2010 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards - Champion Flavoured Oil 


  • 2016 Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards
  • 2015 Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards
  • 2012 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards


  • 2018 Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards
  • 2016 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards
  • 2014 Australian Olive Association
  • 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards
  • 2013 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards