The Grape Based Trio 3 x 375ML

The Grape Based Trio 3 x 375ML

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Yarrawonga White Balsamic Chardonnay 375MLOur single varietal artisan vinegar has a unique slightly sweet and delicate smoothness adding complex flavour to fresh salads together with our extra virgin olive oil.

Vercotto 375ML - This unique full bodied sweet & sour reduction is made from under ripe organically grown green grapes. Use Vercotto in any situation where you might use balsamic vinegar, wine or lemon juice. It can be used to enrich both sweet & savoury dishes, for deglazing, or drizzled directly on food as a condiment or dressing just prior to serving the meal.

Yarrawonga Sticky Balsamic Reduction 375ML - This ‘go to’ condiment is the easiest and most decadent way to dress up salads, appetisers, meats, desserts and fruits.