Sundried Tomato, Herb & Garlic Olives

Marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
$16.50 / 450gm
Taste it

A mixture of our favourite olives marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and infused with fresh dried tomatoes, garlic and a delicious blend of herbs and spices.

Enjoy it

Add to salads, serve on an antipasto platter w/ crusty crackers, or simply enjoy them on their own. Be sure to keep the leftover oil and use as a marinade. Drizzle over steamed vegetables or stir through pasta.

Olives, cold-pressed RG extra virgin olive oil, water, salt, white vinegar, garlic, tomato, herbs and spices
Note: Contains pips. Refrigerate once opened. As oil solidifies when cold, bring it back to room temperature by leaving it out on the counter for 5 minutes.
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Egg Free
Egg Free

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