Robust Early Harvest Olive Oil

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This exclusive Robust Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil has been handcrafted from our finest selected olive varieties. The early harvested olives were picked and processed in early autumn, resulting in an intensely pungent oil ideal for the sophisticated palate. The powerful olive aromas are supported by a touch of bitterness and a late peppery finish.

Superb drizzled over crusty vegetables and meats or dipped with dukkah.



  • 2009 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards


  • 2015 Australian Olive Association 
  • 2015 Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards
  • 2014 Australian Olive Association 
  • 2013 Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards


  • 2015 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards
  • 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards
  • 2013 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards