The Power Of EVOO

EVOO & Health Facts

Extra virgin Olive Oil (“EVOO”) is the natural juice, cold pressed (or squeezed) from the olives and is totally natural and super healthy. “Cold Pressed” means the extracted oil has not exceeded 32 degrees during processing.   EVOO Is full of essential vitamins and high in antioxidants. Assists with arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver and certain cancers. EVOO is predominately a monosaturated fat, helping to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Ingesting 50 grams per day of EVOO corresponds to an intake of about 9mg of olecanthal which is similar to consuming about 10% of the ibuprofen dosage recommended for adult pain relief.  Consume 2-3 tbls every day, for anti-aging, healthy bones and great skin. Its all about drizzling on your toast or splashing over your salads & steamed vegetables!

Our Grove

Father and son team, Franc and Daimien, along with many helpers planted 36,000 olive trees in 1997. They built a state of the art processing facility in 2001 so they could harvest, crush and press the olives within hours, producing one of Australia's healthiest, tastiest and most versatile extra virgin olive oils.  Olive trees bear fruit in 12 months and need a “friend” to cross pollinate. It takes 5-6 years for the trees to become commercially viable to harvest mechanically. The tree flowers between October and November to produce the next crop and harvest happens once per year between April and July where we have a “light year” and then a “heavy year” of fruit.  We prune heavily every year after harvest to encourage new growth and to open the branches which creates air flow, light and reduces the risk of disease and we only spray healthy enzymes for plant nutrition on the trees… No nasties!  All olives start green and turn black. We press both which gives our oil unique characteristics. Olive varieties can be described as fruity, freshly cut grass, tomato, banana, earth or even floral, similar to wine tasting. Every year the flavour differs.  One of our 500ml bottles of Signature EVOO has around 700 squeezed olives in it! The percentage of oil extracted out of olives is around 18-22%, skin and stone are around 35% and the rest is water.

Cooking with EVOO

Antioxidant and powerful health properties remain when heated, even at high temperatures and over longer cooking times. You can cook, bake or fry to your hearts content!  It’s the secret ingredient behind every great chef’s success in the kitchen.  Instead of butter, margarine or vegetable oil use the healthy alternative of EVOO to create crunchy roast potatoes, a super moist carrot cake or a light and fluffy chocolate mousse.  EVOO has been around for thousands of years. Most other oils didn’t exist 100 years ago and were only developed due to a chemical process called hydrogenation which created unhealthy trans fats. This is why EVOO is the best choice for taste and health.  Struggling to consume 50ml of EVOO a day? Splash the good oil in your smoothies, slosh it on your salads and roasted veggies, drizzle it into your next batch of cupcakes, slurp it up with your bread, rub it on your skin and check out our Recipes for healthy, easy and delicious meals.  Our extra virgin is for everybody, every meal & everyday!

Why Buy Australian?

Worldwide there are more than 200 olive varieties and Australia has selected the best performing and healthy varieties.  Australia really is a lucky country in terms of agricultural and here in North East Victoria we’re blessed with an incredible climate for growing olives. At Rich Glen Olive Estate we are passionate about sustainable farming methods of growing, harvesting and processing top quality olive oil.  Australian EVOO adheres to strict guidelines and up to 9 out of 10 imported olive oils don’t meet these standards and are labelled incorrectly. Often times, imported oils are refined using chemicals that strip away the good stuff. In Australia 90% of olive oil is extra virgin so make sure you know what you’re getting and support your Aussie farmer and choose certified Australian EVOO…
It’s the “real deal” every time!