Why Visit Our Olive Estate This Winter

It’s that time of year again when temperatures begin to plummet, and we bring out our scarves, hats and gloves. Winter is a cosy month – but it’s also one that can drive your family mad. Without long summer hours to spend playing outdoors or at the beach, it’s not uncommon for kids to feel bored and hemmed in – unable to express their natural energy like they usually do. When this happens, you don’t have to put up with complaints of boredom or park them in front of the TV or PlayStation for hours on end. A Melbourne day trip to Rich Glen Valley Estate is the perfect way to get everyone out of the house for a full day of family adventure and bonding time.

Olive Picking And Pickling

Living in cities and with convenience stores on every corner, it’s easy for kids to become accustomed to seeing fresh produce as something that arrives on the dinner table neat, clean and already packaged. An olive picking and pickling visit at the Estate is a great way to make them aware of what it takes for humble tree olive to become a delicious addition to salads, pastas and more. We’ll be having several fun activities during the next school holiday period, which is from Wednesday July 9th to Friday, July 12th. You can find more info here.

Encounter Farm Animals

There’s nothing more delightful than young farm animals, and few children can resist feeding or petting them. At Rich Glen, we have a small farm area with adorable fluffy highland cows and sheep – as well as wide-eyed lambs and calves. It’s a hands-on way to educate your kids about where the delicious milk and cheese they enjoy comes from – as well as the wool that makes up their clothes. It’s also a great way for them to see sustainable and responsible farming practices up close and personal.

Enjoy A Food Experience

If there’s one experience that can unite any family, it’s the opportunity to appreciate good food. Thanks to our Farmgate Café, you and your loved ones can indulge in a delectable Winter menu designed to warm you up and satisfy you. Our food is produced using our yield as well as that of neighbouring farmers, for an authentic ‘farm to table’ eating experience. Think rich soups and flaky pies served with artisanal bread, freshly baked cakes and slices and a wide range of teas, punches and coffees.

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