"The Farm"

Daimien and I are spending the week in Kingscliff, NSW for the Farm to PLate Exchange. We were fully immersed in an awesome experience today when we visited the “The Farm” at Byron Bay… Wow, inspiring… We both had a lightbulb moment on how to develop the front 8 acres between the farm store and highway… It will be a journey of how to activate the farm, how to activate collaboration in our community, how to activate the chefs and other people needed to showcase the products, and how to build our region’s reputation around that along with keeping ourselves, our family, and our team creatively motivated, connected and happy. To be continued….

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About Regionality

We know regional because we are regional. We believe regional Australia has untapped potential. Through innovation, inspiration and our focused, pragmatic approach, we can help communities unlock their regionality to revitalise or even reinvent themselves.

About Farm2Plate Exchange
Regionality’s Farm2Plate Exchange is the ultimate gathering of those involved in the producer to the consumer value chain. Where farmers, food and drink producers, chefs, tourism and hospitality businesses gather to exchange knowledge, ideas and learn from experience.
It’s where big challenges meet big ideas and real solutions are shared, debated and evolved. It’s where people can come together to learn from out of the box speakers with real-world experience.

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