Our Olive Leaf Tea's

I have always been an herbal tea lover. Always freshly brewed and always out of a fine bone china cup and saucer. I just love the whole experience of matching an herbal tea with my mood, or the mood I want to create which can be clarity when I'm trying to declutter my mind, positivity when my day starts off a bit flat and relaxation when I'm trying to wind down at the end of a busy day.

Olive leaf is known for its amazing health benefits. I'm sure you have heard of olive leaf extract which is made from a reduction of the dried olive leaf... It doesn't taste that great and actually makes me gag but, in a tea, these potent little leaves actually taste superb. I think it may have everything to do with the dried fruits, flowers and herbs that we have selected to disguise the bitter flavour.

I am loving our teas on these 40+ hot summer days. I have been creating awesome flavours simply by adding lots of ice and fresh sliced fruits in season like peaches, nectarines, lemons and apples to our cooled fresh brews and boy are they a winner!

Scroll down to check out the health benefits of our olive leaf tea... and click this link to view our awesome tea range.


Olive Leaf Tea benefits


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