Healthy peanut butter made from just 2 ingredients!

We all love super crunchy peanut butter in our household and funnily enough I read the ingredients the other day and thought OMG... really... why do they put all that rubbish in something that should be so simple, free from preservatives and colours!!!
So, in about 2 minutes and with just 2 ingredients I made 2 big jars of the best peanut butter.
Here we go!
500 GM salted peanuts
250 ML Rich Glen Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
In a food processor or Thermomix add peanuts and EVOO. Process until you get the desired texture... Refrigerate and this will last a long time... But it won't if your family loves peanut butter like ours!!
The kids love it on celery sticks, salada biscuits and with honey on toast!!! YUM!
Cheers.... R

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Louise Farrugia

Thanks for the peanut butter recipe. As I have a lactose, fructose & sorbitol allergy (fodmap). Peanut butter is all I can eat on toast, so I have it every morn. I definitely will be trying yours.

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