Preparing for EVOO Awards!

Hi Everyone,

A stunning morning here at the farm, spring is just around the corner, as I watch the fog lifting above the olive trees.

It’s the last day for our Sydney Royal show entries and of course I’ve left everything to the last moment. So off to the factory at 5.30 before the kids wake to start bottling. I can feel a gold medal coming on... I hope our oil is really outstanding this year, lots of fruit characteristics and medium peppery notes.

Then home again to organise the kids and they are already to go... little cherubs. With a little orphan lamb, fed and wrapped up like a baby, we head off in our much loved "convertible" Suzuki, and we kink out, hubby swings by throws us all in the 2 door ute and here we are racing to catch the bus... Life is good.

I will be back tonight with an exciting recipe to share with you.

-Ros xx

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