Harvest 2017

Fresh Harvest Olive OilIt's harvest time at Rich Glen Olive Oil. The tree shakers have arrived and our liquid gold is being cold-pressed as we speak.  As an olive oil connoisseur you'll know that when it's this fresh, you can't buy it in the shops as its unique, unfiltered, cloudy appearance only enhances the flavour even further.  So visit us at our Farmgate store to ensure you get your hands on our fresh harvest olive oil before anyone else.

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Hello everyone at Rich Glen,
I was there Saturday morning and had the privilege of sampling some of your amazing products!
As I’m sure you already know, on the day I purchased the deodorant without aluminum (not the unisex one) and have scoured the country for something at actually works and guess what……it did!!! With all the training I do etc, there’s no offensive smells, I am so very excited to share this and you other products with my friends.
I actually had the apple strudel (I think it was) which was gluten free and that too was amazing, is there any chance of obtaining the recipe from you???

Thank you for all your great work.


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