5 Surprising Ways to Use Extra virgin!

Hi Everyone...

Ok, now I am trying to get into this "blogging" so I would love if you can help me out with questions or any hints, good or bad... I love to learn and I am happy to grow with constructive criticism...

Here a 5 ways innovative ways to use Extra virgin (EVOO).

1. Keep your razors sharp by soaking them in a cup of oil... Yep, it works!!!

2. Eliminate "frizzy" hair with just a little extra virgin massaged into the palms of your hands and by running them through your hair will tame and act like a conditioning treatment as well. Win, win!

3. My Fav....Shine your shoes with a little extra virgin on a soft cloth... Keep the cloth in the laundry for next time.

4. Acne... Yes, no need to buy that nasty stuff from the supermarket... Dab a little on that Zit!!! Remember extra virgin has super anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that draw and heal.

5. Painting the house? Removes that pesky paint on your hands and arms by dabbing a dash of EVOO on your skin, let sit for a few minutes, and then wash off.



Carmela Di Pietro

Hello, last weekend we visited your property and I bought a number of your skincare products and the body oil which I adore using! I have had cancer and worry about the products I use now. Is there any way I can find out about the ingredients which are in the products I have bought? Many Thanks

Lin Cole

Hi Ros,
Very impressive uses for EVOO…love these handy hint posts.
Warm olive oil great for itchy ear canals as well.
Cheers Linnie xx
LinC ear clinic. Cobram and Shepparton


Great first blog Ros. Well done and I look forward to reading your next one. ?

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