Vegan Products

We offer a huge range of 100% vegan and cruelty-free products all made at our Olive Farm in Yarrawonga including our Parmesan & Onion Infused EVOO and Buttered Truffle Infused EVOO.

Here are the exceptions and it is because they contain raw local Australian honey. 

  1. Yarrawonga Splash Vinaigrette
  2. Smashed Olive Tapenade w/ Almonds & Preserved Lemon
  3. Lemon, Lime, Honey & Ginger Cordial
  4. Yarrawonga Sticky BBQ Sauce
  5. Olive Blossom Honey
  6. Chilli Charged Honey
  7. Orange Cinnamon Honey
  8. Chocolate Vanilla Bean Honey
  9. Pear, Honey & Vanilla Bean Jam
  10. Mint Apple Lamb Jam
  11. Sticky Shiraz Olive Jam
  12. Yarrawonga Granola w/ Healthy Fruits, nuts & grains
  13. Pasta - contains Egg
  14. Calendula, Oat & Honey Soap
  15. Green Mask Face Exfoliator
  16. Men's Lip Balm
  17. Lip Scrub
  18. Shampoo Soap


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