Spring Carnival Platter Ideas

Here are a couple of quick creations you will enjoy, as an entrée or ‘picnic on a plate’ for a casual lunch with friends.

Blue Cheese & Dried Pear w/ Sticky Shiraz Olive Jam
 Blue Cheese & Dried Pear w/ Shiraz Jam
Arrange twelve Australian dried pears onto a large serving plate. Cut blue cheese wedge (100-125gm) into twelve pieces and place on top of dried pears. Spoon a little RG Sticky Shiraz Olive Jam on top of cheese and sprinkle the plate with fresh cut herbs. If sweet pears aren't your thing, serve on fresh bread or water crackers.

Cream Cheese w/ Sweet Red Pepper Jam
Cream Cheese w/ Chilli Jam
Our kids always try to “con” me into buying the Philly brand cream cheese that you turn over and the sweet chilli pours over the cream cheese. As a trade-off, I make them my healthier version… full of flavour, with no additives or preservatives and loved by the kids.

Simply serve a big spoonful of cream cheese (or cottage cheese), however, you would like to see it on a large plate, and top it with a big spoonful of our RG Sweet Red Pepper Jam. Place loads crackers or fresh crusty bread around and serve with a generous knife so your guests can get plenty on their bread.

Sticky Shiraz Olive Jam Dip
Sticky Fig & Olive Dip
Create a "DIP! All of our savoury condiments can be mixed with sour cream or natural yoghurt for a quick dip to accompany fresh cut vegetables & crackers. 

Mix together a 300ml tub of sour cream and a jar of RG Sticky Shiraz Olive Jam. Serve in a bowl and arrange with fresh cut vegetables, a bowl of bush tucker dukkah, crackers and olives.

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