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Thousands of years ago, ancient Greeks discovered the olive plant. Revered as a symbol of wealth and peace, its precious oil has been a staple of diets for decades – most often combined with flour and salt to create simple bread to be eaten with every meal. Hippocrates was even known to use it as a part of home remedies to heal wounds and cure a variety of maladies. While they didn’t have access to the technology that we do today, they instinctively knew that olive oil was a special ingredient – and as we’ve come to learn about it, we now know that it’s incredibly healthy too. Here are just a few of the benefits that come from using it in your cooking:

It Lowers High Blood Pressure

Over a third of all adult Australians have high blood pressure. Research shows that even if you don’t change your diet apart from adding olive oil to it, you can lower both your systolic and diastolic blood pressure using olive oil.

It Promotes Weight Loss

Despite being a fat, research shows that the consumption of olive oil does not lead to weight gain. In fact, on most occasions, it’s associated with weight loss – especially when consumed as part of a Mediterranean diet rich in spices, other healthy fats, fresh produce and complex legumes and carbohydrates

It Boosts Brain Health

Olive oil has been proven to help ward off age-related cognitive decline, memory loss and learning difficulties. It goes one step further by preventing dementia-related conditions from occurring, such as Alzheimer's disease. Currently, dementia is the leading cause of death in Australian women.

It Boosts Heart Health

Adding olive oil to your diet is good for your heart. It’s rich in antioxidants, which protect cells from damage that could lead to a health attack or heart disease. It also contains monounsaturated fatty acids that can lower cholesterol levels, which in turn is good for health.

Still unconvinced? Then we recommend you try one of our many recipes listed below. You’ll soon see for yourself why olive oil is so integral to creating delicious food!

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